about the team


William Ukoh is a multidisciplinary artist, photographer and film director who specializes in conveying a contemporary view of fashion, art, and culture. Fusing rich colors, intricate textures, and dynamic movement, his work illustrates a unique worldview shaped by his formative years in Nigeria. Known for his multidisciplinary approach, Ukoh delves into complex themes like life balance and societal norms. His striking visual language has garnered collaborations with global brands and top publications, making him a compelling figure in the global contemporary art landscape.


Farida Abu-Bakare is a licensed architect and esteemed Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. 

She holds a Master of Architecture from Toronto Metropolitan University and a Bachelor of Architectural 

Studies from Carleton University. Her geographically diverse portfolio spans North America, the Middle East, and 

Africa. Her work ranges from urban design interventions and civic buildings to inventive temporary pavilions and structures.

marketing & strategy lead

adé abegunde is a creative producer and designer. Her primary interests reside in creating 

opportunities for people to expand on shared liminal experiences, connecting them to themselves, 

each other and their surroundings.

She has produced a wide array of visual projects, working with clients including The Face Magazine, 

Havana Club, Wizkid, New Currency and Dada Magazine. 

adé is one of the cofounders of local•global, a creative studio dedicated to fostering cross-cultural 

exchanges across Africa and its global diasporas

production designer

Samuel Szigeti merges a love of music & design when approaching his work. As a resident of planet-cool, 

his gritty & impressionistic perspective is the glue for any projects development